Shooters from around the World

“I would highly recommend Zsuzsanna and her walking photographic tour. I asked for some quirky places to photograph and she was very helpful in organising a great morning, and even took the time to send me some phone pictures of her suggestions the day before.
Zsuzsanna was great fun on the walk and technically very helpful in suggesting views, tips and camera set-ups. My feet were sore, but it was worth it!”

Mike Waddington, Jersey

“I’ve been to Budapest so many times and I love it but taking Photo Walk with Zsuzsa made me see this beautiful city from a completely different angle. Even though I’m no photographer-beginner, her professional help with the camera settings was very helpful and at high level. I really enjoyed it and I recommend to everybody.”

Gabriela Česnek, Slovakia

„Thank you for the wonderful photography lessons you gave me. I really learned a lot from you, and I am very impressed with your knowledge and eye. You taught me to see.
I highly recommend Zsuzsanna’s  walking photo tour.  They are fun and you really see the city.”

David McAllister, USA

“I’m an architect from India, and also a professional musician. I met Zsuzsanna when I had some performances in Hungary with international musicians. She was the photographer of this project and clicked pictures there, and I’ve never seen such gorgeous images of myself before that. I also love photography, though I don’t do it often, but as an architect I have some sense of quality of light and composition – subject etc. So, I asked Zsuzsanna to help me finding some lovely architecture buildings and also some activities in Budapest. She changed my visit into the most memorable trip of my life. I highly recommend her photo walks. I’ll go next year again and I’ll ask her to teach me some night photography.”

Akash Bhatt, India

Thanks for a really nice photo walk. Thanks for showing me some of your best photo spots and for all the good advice. I can really recommend your photo walks.”

Eva Nordahl, Sweeden

“We really appreciate your professionalism.
She is truly an outstanding photographer and wonderful person with an almost mystical ability…  I can recommend her to anyone!”

Niksa Martinovic, Croatia

“When I arrived in Budapest the city looked amazing and overwhelming. So many interesting buildings and objects to photograph and discover. Fortunately I booked a photo walk with Zsuzsanna Rózsa the second day I was there. Zsuzsanna helped me to discover the city and its history, in the meantime also helped to develop my photography skills with her knowledge and professional advice. Discovering the city with Zsuzsanna was an inspirational journey, her kind, helpful personality combined with her knowledge made me see the beautiful details in Budapest. I strongly recommend her photo walking tours to everyone who would learn about the beautiful city and make some extraordinary pictures of the hidden treasures of Budapest.”

Jasper De Muijnck, Netherlands

“There’s an old story that Kodak used to put plaques up at famous sites in America — the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore etc. — showing where you had to stand to take the Money Shot, the photo that best captured the essence of the place. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, but Zsuzsanna Rózsa knows all the Money Shots throughout Budapest, a city she clearly loves and loves sharing.”

Yvonne Seeley, England

“I am an amateur photographer. My friend Thierry and I share enthusiasm for all kind of photography courses. Personally, I am fond of landscapes and outdoor photos.  I also travel a lot and I started to publish my best photos on Instagram… So I was extremely happy to find out that my wife offered me a photo walk in Budapest with a professional. I think I have made some progress in photography since I began, nevertheless I find it is always useful to take advantage of the advice of a professional. Zsuzsa is a very patient and enthusiastic person who is happy to share her experience with you… I truly enjoyed a lot the 4-hour long photo walk with her.
Thank you Zsuzsa for your guidance and the wonderful shooting locations you showed me in Budapest!”

Jean-Michele Lacoste, Luxembourg

“Thanks once more Zsuzsa showing me and friend places and how to take better pictures!!! It was very, very helpful.”

Pasi Nikkanen, Finland

“I take photos for so many years. Photography is more than a hobby for me. When I visited Budapest I didn’t want to waste time for looking for good spots but decided to take a photo tour of a local professional photographer who knows them well. Choosing Zsuzsanna’s photo walk was a good idea. I could get to know the most photogenic face of Budapest. Thanks a lot.”

Lior Baruch, Israel

“Visiting Budapest has been one of my best life experiences, and taking Zsuzsa’s photo walk increased greatly such experience. I consider myself a beginner in photography, and all the advice from her helped me a lot to take better shots, to find best angles, camera settings, compositions etc. She is a total photography expert, and in addition, she knows Budapest as her palm of hand, leading me easily to the best spots (some of them unknown in all city guides) so, I was able to get to know the best city view points and take all my photos in a very good way and in so short a time, I am so thankful to her for that!”

Francisco E. Díaz M, Mexico

“I want to thank you for the photo tour. You told me a lot of new things. And using the tripod was a new experience for me. I like the results very much. I did not know that with my simple camera these pictures could be taken!”

Robbert Langereis, Netherlands

“I like taking photographs of buildings, because they don’t move. And Budapest is a treasure trove of architecture — as long as you know where to look. But I haven’t got time to sit in a library and trawl through books on Hungarian architecture, especially as I only had four days in Budapest, so Zsuzsanna Rózsa’s Photo Walk filled the bill perfectly. Zsuzsa is knowledgeable and fascinating about her home city, and great fun too, as well as being patient with a fumbling amateur. It’s a huge advantage to know the right time of day that the buildings are best lit, something no book I’ve ever read can tell you. Zsuzsa nailed it.”

Gwyn Headley, Wales

„I am an amateur, I like beautiful photographs, and I try to be self-taught. This photo walk to discover very picturesque corners of Budapest and more, with practical advice on how to take photographs by a professional was a good experience that I would recommend to all those who want to improve their technique. And last but not least I want to thank Zsuzsanna Rózsa for the her sympatico style. I learned a lot from her and I also enjoyed it.”

Luigi Corti, Italy

“I’m an amateur photographer for some years. Also my boy-friend is interested in shooting pictures and he has a drone. That’s why we decided to take a photo walk together. Both we know Budapest but we were very curios of that what a pro eye sees in the city. We were surprised that so simple thing like a plain shadow can create a nice composition. This tour was really an eye-opening stuff. We enjoyed it very much.”

Juci Szakacs and Peter Talamaszl, Netherlands

„I’ve been an advanced amateur photographer for several years, mainly doing architecture, but also nature and people.  So I like to shoot in metropolitan areas.  Zsuzsanna was able, because of her great knowledge of photography, to give me some great tips to improve my photography.  As a Budapest native she knows the most terrific corners for picture-taking, which you could never find by yourself. I was very pleased with the tour.  I can therefore most warmly recommend Zsuzsanna Rózsa’s tours.”

Johannes Schuler, Germany

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