My Story with the Camera

The Beginning

I’m a country girl.
I was raised in a small village among trees and flowers. It’s just a ‘bonus’ that my family name is Rózsa, which means rose, and the meaning of my first name Zsuzsanna is lily. Growing up in the embrace of nature, I never thought of becoming a photographer.

Later, I studied finance and accounting at college in a nearby town. To be honest, I didn’t find the world of numbers interesting and always had the desire to do something creative.

Years later I met a photographer and my life changed. I began to study arts at the University of Art and Design in Budapest and bought the old Nikon that you can see in my logo. I use it as my trademark because it has given me so much pleasure.

The Story Continues

With 20+ years of experience behind me I can tell you it was a good decision jumping from the world of numbers to the world of pictures. I’ve worked for newspapers, magazines, private individuals, different companies, restaurants, and art groups. I have loved shooting at the Hungarian State Opera House and have become a big fan of opera. I like taking portraits too. I enjoy studying faces and submerging in souls.

I feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to try different kinds of photography but if you ask me about my favorite, my answer is: travel photography. Traveling is my hobby along with hiking. I love exploring new cultures, landscapes, people, tastes… I have traveled widely, from Mongolia to Morocco and beyond.

I’ve taken photographs to illustrate books and music CDs. I have exhibited my works at 20+ public exhibitions and in countless group shows. I’m a member of the National Association of Hungarian Creative Artists and I have received their grants twice.

Some years ago I met the Ojibwe poet and writer Jim Northrup in Budapest when he held book presentations in Hungary. He gave me the name Discerning Eye that I feel is a great honor and I’m very proud of it.

The Project That Chose Me

Once I was talking with a friend in a restaurant and it occurred to me how great it would be to live this way… just listening to others and talking. To talk. But what about? A few weeks later an amateur photographer asked me to give her some private lessons. I realized that this was the answer to my question: to talk about photography. Okay, but who to talk with? Time passed, and I got an email from abroad, a schoolmate of mine asking me whether I would lead a photo walk for her husband and his friend. My project suddenly became clear.

It’s always a great joy for me to meet passionate photographers from all over the world. I’m happy to share my experiences with them. I’m very glad seeing their happiness and reading their kind words after they return home and look through their photographs.


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“Zsuzsa is knowledgeable and fascinating about her home city, and great fun too, as well as being patient with a fumbling amateur.”

Gwyn Headley, Wales

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